Best Sports Betting Strategies and Systems - How to Use In Nigeria

With the rise in the number of gamblers in Nigeria, there has never been a time when betting strategies were more necessary than this. Each punter needs to have a particular way of playing and managing the funds available in their account. This guide will look at some of the betting strategies available to Nigerian gamblers and how they can make the most of them.

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Betting Strategies - Planning and Preparation

Below are some of the aspects of a gambling approach and betting strategies that each player needs to know. Taking them into consideration will help you improve your betting skills which will lead to better results in the long run.

Research and Understand Multiple Betting Strategies

Before one can start working on a specific gambling technique that offers the promise of boosting their playing account, it is important to understand that there are a ton of them. With this fact in mind, there is the need to research multiple playing techniques; both tried and tested and even new ones that you come up with while reading already existing ones.

Study Form

This aspect of planning and researching a strategy will include researching the events you wish to bet on rather than the technique. Studying form means that if it is a sport such as football, you will need to check the performance of the team you want to punt on before making your football predictions.

Betting Odds

Part of planning and preparation also includes scouting an event or a site for the best odds possible. Most events will offer low odds on those outcomes that the site presumes will almost be an automatic guess for most gamblers. It is therefore important for gamblers looking to capitalize on their punting funds to find the best markets associated with a particular event.

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Boost Your Betting Strategies with Bookmaker Promotions

It is near impossible to find a gambling operator that does not offer promotional offers on its platform here in Nigeria. These bonuses can serve as a good way of boosting one’s playing strategy. Punters can take advantage of these offers to practice their strategy on the platform before committing any actual funds to the gambling process.

Enhanced Odds Bonus

Some bookmakers offer enhanced odds promotions that grant players a chance to win big with the right plan. It is thus advisable that for players who have already proved their gambling strategy and are ready to go in for a kill, try one of these offers.

Popular Betting Strategies

Below are some of the most popular punting strategies. Note that, although they can bring you some hefty wins, there will be days when you will come down on the losing side. This is why gambling should always stay a way of entertainment only.

Arbitrage Betting

This strategy banks on the fact that bookmakers have different opinions about the same event and thus this differing opinion offers the punter a chance to profit. When using this strategy, players will punt on all the possible results of the event in question. This, therefore, means that should you lose your prediction on one platform, you will win on another one.

Matched Betting

Matched betting borrows a lot from the strategy above. In this form of betting technique, players take advantage of free bets and other punting bonuses offered by bookmakers to place risk-free bets on all possible outcomes of an event.

Live Betting Strategy

In most platforms, this will go by the name in-play betting. This approach allows you to capitalize on changing odds as the live scores stream in, to improve chances of winning.

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Successful Football Betting Strategies

Football offers witty gamblers the chance to practice the following gambling techniques.

Single Bet Strategy

In this form of punting, the gamer focuses on the outcome of just one event rather than a host of events. The advantage of this punting approach is that the player cashes in quickly on the said event.

Dropping Odds Strategy

This approach involves the gambler placing his or her prediction with the bookmaker that is yet to adjust their odds. Alternatively, the gambler punts with that sportsbook that despite odds change still offers the best odds of all the others.

2% Wagers

2% wagers refer to the aspect of gaming where a player only utilizes 2% of his or her playing account per stake. This is a precautionary method that ensures the gambler does not blow up his or her account when a prediction loses.

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Popular Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball is one other game that has a myriad of ways that players can gamble with. In the following lines you will find some of the best strategies you can use on basketball games, including ones from the NBA and WNBA.

Betting at Home Underdogs

The effect of the home crowd on influencing games is never to be underestimated. For this reason, it is a worthy approach to gamble on the home underdog who in most cases have the best odds offered to them. Furthermore, if we take into account back-to-back games in the NBA, outsiders stand a good chance of securing the win even against the title contenders.

Major Line Movement

This approach comes into effect when there is a major change in the stake spread leading up to a game. In most instances, this is an indicator of how one should play and the possibilities of winning. Of course, to make the correct calculations, you will need time, but it will pay out in the future.

Look Out for a Blowout

This approach involves looking out for indicators that the winning team will outscore the other in a certain manner such that the losing team will not be able to recover. In these momentary instances, one stands the chance to bank on better odds, especially if betting live.

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Profitable Tennis Betting Strategies

The following are some top betting strategies one can use in tennis. Remember, though, that none of them can guarantee you a 100% win rate.

Betting on the Favourite

In this tennis betting technique, the player will seek to maximize his or her winnings by betting on the winner of the event. This strategy provides a higher chance of success, although the odds are not so lucrative. Even so, betting on the winner will help you keep your bankroll healthy in the long run.

Total / Under

This strategy relies on statistics entirely. Additionally, you will have to use a bookie offering in-play betting. In essence, you will have to find a fixture that first set had more than 11 games played. According to statistics, the chance of the second set finishing in less than 11 games is around 80%.

Betting on The Underdog

This technique seeks to take advantage of the fact that lower-seeded players have better odds on them and if they can turn the game in their favor, the gambler stands to win big. Of course, the chance of this happening is not so big, so make research prior to placing the bet.

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Popular Sports Betting Systems

The following are some of the top punting systems used by professional gamblers.

Martingale Probability Theory

This technique requires that the player doubles his prediction after each loss to improve the chances of recovering the loss should the next prediction win.

Fibonacci Sequence

This system works almost similar to the previous one but instead of doubling the stake, the player moves it up by a certain fixed number after each loss. The target is to recover the losses over the whole playing tenure.

Parlay Betting System

This system seeks to create a pyramid of wins. Therefore, the gamer will double his or her stake with each win to boost the wins further.

Final Thoughts on Betting Strategies

Having the right punting approach offers the bettor a chance to gamble with confidence and improve the chances of winning. A good gaming system is one that the player researches, tests and keeps track of to know where to improve and how. Moreover, a good system seeks to keep the losses at the minimum.

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