Sports Betting Apps 📱 Guide to Choosing A Bookmakers App In Nigeria

Globally, sports betting apps have become more popular than bookmakers’ sites. And this is no different for the Nigerian sportsbooks. Failure to have an app for your site will undoubtedly put many potential punters off from joining. So to that end, the majority of sportsbooks will have apps and not just for marketing. As there is major competition along with awards for the number one sports app. So where are Nigerian betting sites when it comes to sports betting Apps? Well, read on to see.

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What Are Betting Apps? 

Sports betting apps or applications are specially designed software that can be downloaded to a mobile device to carry out specific tasks. So, in the case of sports betting it allows the user to access the same features that are on the main site. Those may include in-play betting and live streaming among others. Additionally, they offer the user the convenience of profiting from their football predictions by placing a bet on the go.


  • Low data usage
  • The convenience of 24/7 betting
  • Have fun with friends placing Betts
  • Fast loading time
  • Online security


  • Need a smartphone or tablet with connectivity

The Rise in Popularity of Sports Betting Apps

With the advancement in smartphone technology along with the improvement of connectivity such as 5G, it is no wonder there is a rise in the popularity of sports betting apps. The fact you can now watch live streams of your favorite team and place live bets from your iPhone securely is mind-boggling. For example, just a couple of decades ago people were walking around happy that they had a mobile and could send a text.

Betting Prediction Apps (Android and iOS)

Betting prediction apps are exactly what is said on the tin. They are there to help you predict a winner. Moreover, no matter whether you want basketball, tennis, or football predictions you will find an app to assist you. For instance, at the Google Play store alone there are over 200 prediction apps for you to download, both free and paid. These applications are basically based on stats and form. However, they may also be some input needed by the user.

App-Specific Bonuses and Promotions

Since the rise in popularity of sports betting apps, specific bonuses and promotions have become less common. As the number of mobile bettors is now more than those that use a desktop PC for their flutter there is no need to actively encourage mobile users to join the bookmaker. Thus the same bonuses are used for all users. Having said that you may still find some specific offers which more than likely will be a free bet on a sporting fixture or event.

Live Betting on Sports Betting Apps

Punters will find they are able to place in-play bets on the majority of sports betting apps, which of course is dependent on the bookmaker. This means that they can place informed bets for an ongoing match whilst being out and about. So no matter if traveling on the tube, queuing for the checkout, or simply on your lunch break, you will not miss out on the live-action.

sports betting app

Live Streaming on Sports Betting Apps

Live Streaming on sports betting apps is a big selling point for a sportsbook. So you will find this feature on most apps whether for the wannabes or the big boys. A downside is that viewing on a small screen is not the best way to experience a match. However, due to the convenience, you can still say you saw that sudden death penalty that won the cup no matter where you are.

User Experience Matters

Punters using sports betting apps should have fun, and be able to place bets and access features with ease. It is important that their experience is not lessened when using an app:

Design and Clarity

The importance of the app design should not be underestimated as it is a big factor in the user experience. If the colors clash or are too bright they may make reading the odds amongst other things difficult. Clarity is important when money is concerned, you don’t want to select the wrong option by being unable to read it.

Easy To Navigate

It is hugely important that sports betting apps are easy to navigate. Being on the go and moving around you should be able to enter anything you want within the application with one or two touches. Nowadays, the majority of bookmakers apps produce a wonderful experience with clear categories, components, and ease of use.

App Notifications

One of the best features of sports betting apps is free to receive push notifications. Thus, punters will obtain valuable information about live scores, odds on future games or any other information regarding live bets. And all for free where text notifications may have fees.

Quick Loading

We are living in an era where we can’t imagine life without phones and tablets. For punters to access the apps quickly is part of the experience. 4G, 5G, and WiFi connectivity ensure swift loading time and speed even faster than using a browser.

Safety and Security

On the whole, sports betting apps are more secure than using a web browser. This is because the app is on your phone and not on the web where they are more vulnerable to fraud or hackers. For this reason, you will notice that many banks suggest using its app instead of its online banking option.

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Difference Between Android and iOS

The biggest difference in the operating systems is that iOS is a closed system, while Android is more open. Thus, Android users can customize their devices easier. Apart from that iOS applications are downloadable via the Apple App Store whereas Android Apps are found at the Google Play Store. Nowadays, Android is the most used smartphone platform by mobile manufacturers, and as you would expect iOS is used only for Apple devices.

Top Sports Betting Apps in Nigeria

Using a sports betting app is a must for many bettors due to the hectic lives they live. However, punters should proceed with caution because not all of them are reliable. Three of the best apps available in Niger are:

Betway Sports App

As Betway is a world-renowned bookmaker you would expect its sports betting app to be excellent. And it is.  Easy to navigate with all options clearly defined, we believe this to be the best app out there. Available to download for Android and iOs devices it offers the excellent Betway tennis markets on the go.

NaijaBet App 

NaijaBet’s App has such a slick design and easy-to-use interface that you are able to place a bet with just one touch of the screen. The App is made with speed in mind, as you are able to access any of the features with ease and you have all payment methods, betting types, and markets at your availability.

Bet9ja Mobile App 

The Bet9ja Mobile App comes with the tag “Bet Anywhere. Bet Anytime” which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Users have access to features such as live score betting and are able to manage their Bet9ja account with ease. Also, the ₦100,000 welcome bonus is for all customers no matter how accessed and can be used Football. 

Parimatch App

Parimatch has a mobile App available for both Android and IOS devices as well as a mobile version. Thereby, allowing players the freedom to gamble whenever and wherever they want. The app is easy to use and navigate along with being very efficient and functional. All the options available on the desktop site you will find on the app. Including registration, the ability to book a bet, the deposit of funds, and withdrawal of winnings. Also, the main site features such as cash out, Live Streaming, and in-play betting are available. Furthermore, the welcome bonus and jackpot promotions are applicable to users of mobile devices.

Welcome Bonus
up to ₦100,000

If You Do Not Want To Use An App, Why Not Try Mobile Sites?

Today some players still prefer to use mobile sites instead of an app as it takes up less precious space on their devices. There are brilliant platforms available if an app is not your thing.

Mobile Bookmaker Sites vs. Sports Betting Apps

This is more down to preference than anything else as some people would rather not download an app. Otherwise, the app is the clear winner being fast and more secure.

Sports Betting Apps - The Verdict

Sports betting apps are the future of online bookmakers, allowing their customers the opportunity to bet 24/7. The apps are more secure and faster than using a browser to access customer accounts and place bets. Yes, you may have a smaller screen but a well-designed and easy-to-navigate app is hard to beat just for pure convenience. Should you choose a bookmaker just on its application? Even if not, it must surely be one of the biggest factors.

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Sports Betting Apps FAQ