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Accumulator betting is also known as “ACCA” or “Roll Up” betting and is gaining popularity with punters due to the higher rewards compared to a single bet. Also, we find that the bookmakers, not just in Nigeria, are embracing this with boost and insurance promotions. Here we will delve into different accumulator betting types and strategies, along with promotions that you can expect at any sportsbook operating in Nigeria.

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What Is An Accumulator Bet 

Accumulator betting is a combination of four or more selections based on a single wager. Each winning selection increases the pot, however, if one selection loses you walk away with nothing. So, higher risk but for greater gains. Accumulator betting is more accustomed to football predictions and horse racing but now is available across a range of sports.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ACCA Betting

Let us look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Roll Up betting:


  • Higher Winnings
  • Low stakes
  • Added excitement


  • Greater Risk
accumulator betting

How To Place An Accumulator Bet 

Placing an accumulator bet is not difficult and the steps are likely to be the same across all makers.

  1. Login at your sportsbook
  2. Go to the sport that the Accumulator is for i.e football
  3. Choose the type of bet - team to win
  4. Select the matches you want, checking the minimum amount you need
  5. Enter your selections onto your betting slip
  6. Check/tick the accumulator box should be under the multiples section
  7. Confirm your bet
  8. Await your results

Working Out The Odds 

Calculating the odds of your accumulator is easier if the odds are in the decimal format. And then it is just a case of multiplying the odds:

  • 2.0 x 2.0x 2.0 x 2.0 = 16.0

If the times’ table is not your thing then you will find that the bet slip will calculate the total odds for you or there may also be a betting calculator available.

Accumulator Betting Types 

With an ACCA your bet is on the winner and then your number of selections, which gives up the type of accumulator. For example, 4 selections are known as a Four-Fold ACCA,  5 selections a Five-Fold  ACCA and so on.

Multisport Accumulator Betting 

Multisport accumulator betting is becoming more popular with punters and therefore available at the bookmakers. So if you are not so good at making football predictions you can combine a range of sports. For instance, this morning at one bookie I could have combined Aussie rules, tennis and football.

accumulator bet

Accumulator Betting Promotions 

ACCA promotions are available at almost all bookmakers with variations not just on the type but singular or multi-sports. Also, you can find one of the following as a part of a sign-up bonus:

ACCA Boost 

An ACCA boost is when a set defined percentage is added to the winnings of the ACCA. The bookmakers’ generosity can vary in these promotions from 3 to 50% and is likely to be dependent on the number of selections. For example, in a three-fold accumulator, it may be 3% but on a ten-fold 50%. Thereby, the more selections the more the boost.

ACCA Insurance 

There are two types of ACCA insurance available to punters with one being more common as it costs the bookmaker less. This is if one of your selections, stake or part of it will be returned back to the punter, so in essence risk-free. The less common insurance is if your selection loses you will still receive your winnings, though at an abated rate for the losing selection.

Common Terms And Conditions 

Common terms and conditions will include minimum odds per selection. Additionally, any cash out will void the selection and therefore the accumulator bet. Other restrictions will include combining offers such as an enhanced odds promotion as part of your selections. Also, some types of bets on certain sports are forbidden. For instance, with a horse racing ACCA, you will not be able to use an each-way bet as the bet must be to win. Furthermore, you should check if the type of ACCA promotion is for single or multi-sports and if there is a minimum stake.

Welcome Bonus
up to ₦100,000

Accumulator Betting - Greater Risks Reep Bigger Rewards 

No other bet that a punter can place can convert ₦50 into 1000s or even millions. Thus, that is the attraction of  ACCA betting. Furthermore, with many top online bookmakers now offer multi-sport accumulators, they are no longer for football predictions of horse racing buffs. Another bonus is that ACCA betting along with its promotions are available to mobile device users making them more convenient. Furthermore, they are also easier as punters do not need to worry about correct score bets just winning selections.

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