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Betting Basics To The Best Strategies

Online sports betting along with casino gambling is legal in Nigeria and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, so there is no reason not to indulge. This is also one of the reasons why we have produced this sports betting guide for the assistance of all bettors in Nigeria. So no matter what sport you want to place bets on this betting guide is for you. 

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Sports Betting Guide To Basics

To begin this sports betting guide we need to start with the basics which are good for a newbie. Even if you know most of the things already, we have to start somewhere.

Why Bet On Sports

Why not? All sports are competitions between teams of individuals or animals. So, adding to the excitement of who or what will win is the fact that you play with money. Therefore, you can make a profit or, lose your hard-earned cash. Hopefully, however, this won’t be the case with our sports betting guide.

Betting Odds Explained

Betting odds show the probability of the outcome of an event or game and come in three major formats - Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline. Fractional will be seen with a / (6/1), a decimal with a period (6.0) and Moneyline with a + or - depending on who the underdog is (+600 or -600).

Money Management

Money management is pretty much as it sounds, as it is better if you only bet with what you can afford both short and long term. It is easy to get out your depth and into debt thinking that your next bet will win to cover your losses or make a profit, but will it? Remember to gamble responsibly and keep within the budget you have.

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Sports Betting Guide To Types Of Bets

There are different types of bets along with variations on each type. Here are three of the more popular types identified by our betting guide team:

  • 1 x 2 betting - Is also known as three-way betting as 1 = home win, X = draw and 2 = an away win.
  • Asian handicap betting  -  This is a type of betting popular for football. Basically, a team is handicapped according to its form, meaning that the designated stronger team must win by more goals for a punter who has bet on them to win.
  • Accumulator Betting - This is a type of bet where you place wagers on the outcomes of more than two fixtures. So you can win more from a smaller stake but your selections all need to win. 

Most Successful Sports Betting Guide Strategies

You may think before reading this betting guide article that winning on sports betting is down to pure luck. Well, you are wrong. Yes, luck helps and in one-off cases, but to be consistent you need a betting strategy.  

Single Bet Strategy

Single bets are available on a range of sports with football being the most common. They are easy to place and are arguably the most un-complex strategy.  Furthermore, they can be placed on a basic market such as the winner or as 2 or 3-way bets - win or lose, home win, draw or away win.

Bet On The Underdog

Just like the name suggests, this is when you bet on the team that statistically has less chance of winning. Therefore, you get better odds and a bigger profit margin if you win. This type of betting is popular for basketball, especially when combining with point-spread, or handicap.

Total Under Strategy

The total under strategy is popular amongst tennis bettors as it allows them to bet on totals within the match. Additionally, it does no matter who wins the match. For example, a bet could be on the number of games in a match or how many match points there will be. As long as your prediction is under the actual amount you will win the bet.

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Popular Sports To Bet On In Nigeria

Nigerians are football mad so as you would expect football is the most popular sport that they bet on. Bookmakers operating in Nigeria offer a wealth of markets both local and international including the NPFL and EPL. Local and worldwide markets are both with betting options such as cash out and promotions including risk-free bets. Thus, football predictions and bets are more than catered for.

Basketball is another sport with a massive following mainly down to the NBA. That said you will also find European and Asian league markets at many online sportsbooks available in Nigeria.

Tennis betting is also popular amongst bettors with markets for all the Grand Slams available.

Bonus Offers and Promotions at Bookmakers In Nigeria

The bonus offers and promotions at bookmakers in Nigeria are no different from what you can expect to find at any online bookmaker in the world. Bolstered by the fact that many top international bookmakers operate in Nigeria you can expect to find ever-popular enhanced odds offers along with free bets and accumulator promotions for both local and international markets. One thing that we can say is about Nigerian bookmakers is that they tend to offer matched deposit sign up bonuses more than their international counterparts.

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Mobile Sports Betting Guide

Not only this sports betting guide but other comparison sites deem mobile betting to be the future of the online sports betting industry, purely for its convenience. To that end, you will find that any sportsbook worth its salt will have a mobile site and more predominantly a dedicated sports betting app. Both should be easy to navigate whether placing a bet or accessing features such as live score betting and live streams. Furthermore, all the sportsbook bonuses should be available with no discrepancy between a desktop or mobile user.

Has this sports betting guide made a difference?

We do hope that this sports betting guide will make a difference with your future bets now that you understand the odds format along with the strategies and types of bets available to you. Also, accessing the right promotion and utilizing the correct strategy will add to both excitement and profit if utilized to its fullest extent.

Remember that sports betting should be fun and to gamble responsibly

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Sports Betting Guide - FAQ 

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