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Online gambling does not only have to be fun but also smart, which is why learning a few football betting tips is vital. Punters in Nigeria should know how to capitalize on available betting opportunities for the best outcomes. Football betting happens to be the most prominent in the West African country due to the dominance of the sport. For that reason, this guide breaks down a few fundamentals of online football gambling with well-researched betting tips.

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General Betting Tips

This guide aims to help punters bet for the best outcomes. Therefore, it compiles some of the best practices of football betting.

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Be Impartial

One of our golden betting tips is to remain objective at all times. When you love a sport, it’s normal for passions to rise during tournaments, especially when your favorite clubs are involved. Nonetheless, don’t bet based on emotions. Just because you love the Super Eagles doesn’t mean you have to bet on them even against superior teams.

Do Not Get Greedy

Self-control goes a long way when gambling on football. Greed can have you betting more than you can afford or losing objectivity. For instance, you might increase your stake on an accumulator bet because your teams appear to be doing well. Remember that the final results are not always guaranteed.

Be Patient

Your football bets are not always going to turn out how you anticipate. However, losing one bet today doesn’t mean that the same will happen tomorrow. Exercise patience if you are to enjoy online sports betting. Give yourself time to learn how everything works and take advantage of the right chances.

Do Not Bet On Friendly Matches

The unpredictability of friendly matches makes them risky. Most of these games take place before or after a football season. The timing makes players extremely cautious to avoid injuries. Hence, they might not give 100% to their performances. Also, it can also be difficult to tell who will participate.

Wager Only 2% Of Your Account

Our betting tips would not be complete without advising you to be careful with your bankroll. The recommended amount to bet is 2% of your budget. You can leverage more betting opportunities if you can control your spending.

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Do Not Be Tempted By Accumulator Bets

Football ACCA or accumulator bets are the most popular in sports betting. Therefore, it makes sense to address them in our betting tips. An accumulator wager is tempting because it is highly profitable. See, this type of bet covers multiple selections at once and if they all win, you collect a huge payout. However, accumulator wagers are hard to win. Our football betting tips provide suitable alternatives.

Bet Singles Instead

As a novice punter, wagering on singles is more practical compared to accumulator bets. With this kind of bet, one stake doesn’t affect the rest. For example, you can wager 50 NGN on three different games, and even if you lose one, the other two still pay.

Consider The Available Markets

Knowing which markets to focus on is a big part of online betting. Punters in Nigeria have a lot of markets to pick from due to the extensive coverage of modern-day bookmakers. Our football betting tips provide insights into some of the top markets to consider.

Local Markets

Football is big in Nigeria and, therefore, the industry offers more than enough opportunities to bet on the sport. Most of the bookmakers in the country cover local leagues and tournaments. You only need to settle on the most suitable one.


The country’s premier division, the Nigeria Professional Football League, provides many chances to have fun and make money. The competition sees some of Nigeria’s biggest clubs fight for glory. When betting on the NPFL, consider local betting sites because they offer some of the best odds.

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Consider Different Sports

The appeal of football betting is understandable, but it’s not the only sport that you can wager on. Selecting the sport to bet on is as crucial as everything else. Research some of the other options in Nigeria that provide favorable betting opportunities. Although our betting tips are for football, most of them apply to other sports, so take advantage.

  • Snooker - Although the game is prominent in China, it is yet to proliferate other regions like Nigeria. So, why should you consider it? For one, it is available all year, which means you can bet whenever you wish. Snooker offers different bet types for both pre-match and in-play.
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Football Predictions

In our betting tips, we advise punters to gain as much leverage as possible before staking any wagers. Football prediction websites are one way to get useful knowledge. These platforms contain relevant information that can help even beginners make smart betting decisions. The websites use various formulas to predict football results to help bettors make the best choices. However, prediction sites should not be your only resource. In fact, consider them as guides only. Arming yourself with a few clever betting tips should help you navigate online sports betting.

Mathematical Football Predictions

Our betting tips include how to use predictions correctly. Various punters prefer mathematical predictions because they use statistical data. Seeing as data does not lie, these predictions are logical. However, they fail to factor in a few things like team morale. A club with poor playing spirit can have low performance, despite what the statistics say. Other variables that mathematical predictions may fail to factor in are last-minute team changes, manager movements, fitness and weather.

Remember - Gambling Is Just A Form of Entertainment

Regardless of the number of football betting tips you learn, don’t forget that gambling is only for entertainment. Some punters make the mistake of looking at online sports betting as a money-making opportunity. They then end up making bad calls in an effort to boost their winnings. Wager on your favorites without expecting too much, and you will be fine. One of our final betting tips is to seek help the minute you think that your gambling is getting out of control.

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