Basketball Betting Guide July 2024

Basketball betting in Nigeria is slowly becoming the go-to option for many people looking to game online. The main reason for this is the rise in popularity of the game in the country in recent times. Previously a reserve of colleges and high schools, basketball is now becoming a go-to option for most people looking for sports entertainment. Punting on this game is benefiting from this popularity and promises to be a boom in the near future.

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Basketball Betting

The glamour about basketball betting is largely attributed to the availability of streaming services that air top basketball leagues such as the NBA and the Euroleague among other leading championships. Moreover, in recent times, many gambling platforms in the country have also included basketball betting among the options available to the gamblers that visit their sites.

Interesting Facts

The world of basketball betting is an interesting mix of numbers that will excite any gamer that loves to have an intricate knowledge of games and numbers. In particular, the NBA is one of those leagues that chunks out a lot of statistics every match day. Here are some interesting facts and figures on basketball betting.

  • Betting on the second half proves to be more lucrative than the first half
  • Major line movements offer gamers a chance to win big if caught on time
  • Looking out for a blowout is a sure way to win at basketball betting
basketball betting in Nigeria

Dโ€™Tigers - Nigeriaโ€™s National Basketball Team

The Nigerian National Basketball team has been in place for several years now. It is a regular at most of the African basketball competitions as well also playing in the world cup and Olympics qualifiers. Unlike most other basketball teams around the world, it is unfortunate that no Nigerian betting platform allows gamers to stake their bets on the Dโ€™Tigers. Regulatory problems, as well as issues with match-fixing, play a huge role in influencing this state of things. However, gamblers can still watch the fixtures that the team participates in around the world.

Types of Bets

The game of basketball offers bettors multiple choices when it comes to the type of bets they can place. Here on the Nigerian basketball betting scene, there are several bet types that gamers can place. Some of these bet types will offer more risk and winning margins compared to others. Moreover, the preference for one or the other will depend on the playerโ€™s temperament. Some of the most popular bet types include the following.

  • Over/under
  • Accumulator
  • Handicap
Live basketball betting

Betting Markets

The punting market for this sport continues to grow in the country. This means that the markets continue to grow regularly. However, some markets serve the bettors here better than others.

Local Markets

In the local market, some markets are more common than others. A larger contributing factor as to why the punting market on this sport is yet to grow fully is because of the relatively low popularity. However, bookmakers have been doing a lot to promote the Nigerian Premier League Basketball that gamers can win money on with the right strategy. 

International Markets

The international punting market in this sport is more extensive compared to the local one. In this market, gamblers can expect to find more options available to them, which have the potential to offer even larger wins and more thrill. Aside from the markets above, in the international punting market for this sport, one can expect to find the following as well:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • WNBA

Sportsbook Basketball Bonuses and Promotions

As with all other sports, the gambling scene for basketball also sees different bookmakers tailor promotions that will allow gamers to punt on their favourite games with larger accounts. Each site will have its own tailored promotions. However, there are more common offers that will exist on almost all punting platforms, albeit with different gifts.

The first-time betting bonus is the most popular on most gambling sites that cover this sport in the country. This offer seeks to gift players for placing their first-ever stake on a basketball event. On most platforms, the bookmaker will offer to match up the amount that the player deposits in his or her playing account. The percentage by which this happens will vary depending on the bookmaker.

Some of the sites will also have offers that target specific tournaments and events around the world. In such instances, the gamers will have the option to boost their playing account for the tenure of the said tournament or event. On yet other sites, one may find the site has a cashback offer for the amount the gamer punts on the site and loses. The operator in this offer usually offers to refund a certain percentage of the money the gamer loses over a given period.

basketball betting features

Basketball Betting Features at Nigerian Bookmakers

Each bookmaker will offer several features that make betting on basketball easier and more enjoyable. Some of the features that gamers can expect to find include:

Live Streaming

The live stream option allows gamers to follow each one of their favourite events live on their preferred gaming platforms. Some of these sites will go as far as streaming the playoffs in HD quality for their customers. However, each one will have its own conditions that support this. A live stream option is a great tool that allows customers to even follow those games that theyโ€™re not punting on but which would affect the overall outcome of some of the events they are interested in.

Live Betting

Live betting allows gamers to stake their bets while an event is ongoing. The benefit of this is that the player can find more lucrative markets as the odds keep changing with the match in session. Moreover, it is a beneficial tool for a gamer that may not have placed bets on his or her favourite event as it was starting.

Mobile Sites and Applications

Most, if not all gaming sites, will either offer a mobile app available on the Android and iOS platforms or have in place a mobile site. This feature allows gamers to punt on their favourite basketball events while on the go. Some apps also offer gamers betting tips.

basketball betting online

Final Thoughts on online Basketball Betting in Nigeria

Basketball betting in the country offers many gamblers the chance to maximise their chances of winning real money when punting on this sport. In most of the sites available that support this in the country, there will be different markets that will suit players of different preferences. Moreover, bonuses and other exciting features such as mobile apps and sites ensure that players can punt on their favourite events while on the move.

Top Online Basketball Betting Site AccessBET

AccessBET is a leading basketball punting platform that serves the Nigerian market. It ranks number one among other competitors because of the many offers that make it possible for gamblers to place their bets with more funds. Moreover, the site is available on mobile and has an easy to navigate user interface that makes it easy for gamers to identify the events that they want to punt on. The large number of events and leagues available is also a major attraction for most players.

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